Nevera y congelador isotemp eléctrico tb 31.

La nevera y congelador isotemp eléctrica, te permite que tengas tus alimentos fríos, donde sea que te encuentres. Lo mejor de este producto que te mantiene los alimentos refrigerados con la comodidad de poder llevarlos a cualquier parte.

Los alimentos fríos muchas veces son necesarios para esos momentos de paseos fuera de la embarcación, o si deseas pasar un día en la playa, es una excelente opción, ya que en ella puedes almacenar y conservar los alimentos sobre todos aquellos que son perecederos, ya que no solo es una nevera sino que también cumple perfectamente la función de congelador eléctrico, además de ser fácil de transportar. La nevera y congelador Isotemp eléctrico TB31, es considerada por sus usuarios como la mejor alternativa por ser nevera, congelador, eléctrica, portátil, versátil y practica de transportar.


  • Nevera y congelador eléctrico portátil Isotemp TB
  • Temperatura +5° a 18°
  • Fuente de alimentación a 12-24- 115-230vlt.
  • Medidas 380 mm x 584 mm x 350 mm.
  • Peso 18 kg.
  • Posee asa de transporte.
  • Regulador digitalizado: Que permite regular digitalizada, establecer el grado de frio y congelación y conservar los alimentos de manera adecuada.
  • Luz interior: Luz led. Que permite visualizar lo que está almacenado

Por ser un producto que reúne dos en uno, nevera y congelador, es uno de los más buscados en los amantes del turismo náutico, ya que se adapta a las necesidades electrodomésticas tanto del barco, como en tierra, sumado a la tecnología que brinda digitalizada y su poco peso.

A diferencias de muchas neveras que son utilizadas en embarcaciones, Isotemp eléctrico tb 31, no solo mantiene el frió de los productos, sino que también permite congelar, alimentos y bebidas. Además, cabe destacar su tamaño compacto, el cual permite que sea considerado como un congelador portátil permitiendo que se saque o se transporte a diversos lugares de la embarcación.  Más neveras náuticas

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chalecos salvavidas para niños

Los niños son muy vulnerables a accidentes en el mar, por lo que estos deberían ser los primeros en recibir equipamiento de seguridad que los pueda mantener a salvo de cualquier peligro.

El mejor equipamiento para resguardar la integridad de los pequeños, es un chaleco salvavidas, considerado una herramienta de primera necesidad, que no puede faltar en un viaje por el mar, sin importar si el viaje es largo, corto, en aguas territoriales o en alta mar.

Un producto para ellos

El chaleco salvavidas para niños está creado exclusivamente para ellos, tomando en cuenta las pequeñas proporciones de su cuerpo. Este tipo de chalecos se puede encontrar en cualquier tienda náutica, aunque solo las mejores venden los chalecos salvavidas más resistentes del mercado.

Una de las mejores tiendas que se puede encontrar en el mercado, es, la cual vende equipamiento náutico desarrollado bajo altos estándares de calidad, algo que es muy apreciado por los consumidores.

Variedad de modelos

La tienda cuenta con una extensa línea de salvavidas para niños, desde los convencionales salvavidas, que no necesitan ser inflados y que cuentan con un diseño pequeño y cómodo, que se adapta muy bien al cuerpo del niño o niña; hasta los salvavidas inflables que pueden ser llenados con aire de forma manual o automática.

Los salvavidas vienen con un diseño especial para niños pequeños, que han cumplido unos ciertos años, o para los más pequeñitos, que no pueden estar de pie por si solos o no han alcanzado cierta estatura.

Los salvavidas para niños no solo son más pequeños, sino que tienen un diseño colorido y amigable. Los niños necesitan algo que no solo los proteja, sino que les llame la atención, por lo que todos los salvavidas cuentan con diseños divertidos, donde los dibujos animados son los protagonistas en la mayoría de los casos.

Los salvavidas vienen con estilos diferentes, que se pueden adaptar a los gustos de los pequeños.


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Largest Ship to Ever Transit the Panama Canal

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Boats for rent: Ways to looking luxury yacht for Rent

A day of rest, the daily boredom and busy lives in spacious waters around Palm Beach or Ibiza will undoubtedly become a stimulating idea. If you are looking for luxury and unforgettable cruise on a luxury yacht for the climate mild Summers, let yourself be seduced by the online search. There are hundreds of tour operators who organize this luxurious yacht in Ibiza, South Florida, Florida or Florida. Lauderdale, who usually set for cruise ships a short but unforgettable. The services offered by these delivery agents will remain in the minds of a cruise ship for the duration of their memories. The luxurious setting, the perfect environment, gourmet cuisine and wine combination and quality catering are a rich, yet again, will surely entertain and crave the tourists fully and exceed their expectations.

This luxury yacht boat will undoubtedly be an indelible experience, although the duration of the voyage could not last more than four to six hours during the day or even under the starry sky at night. Small group cruises that can accommodate 80 to 500 guests mixed and find everything is ready to be enjoyed in the impressive surroundings and decorative with enjoyable services are offered upon request and without requirements for guests on the ship. Guests looking to relax with a boat trip to the elegant Service Charter.

Because there are many luxury yacht rental agencies that manage and design a Carnival cruise ship in South Florida, New York, Ibiza, Waterways should not doubt the availability of rental agencies. The pleasure of sailing through Ibiza cruise yacht, offer luxury yacht for rent

If you’re curious and costs of travel, make sure they are fair and reasonable. Quality service, elegant ambiance, luxurious menu in accordance with the client’s choice, bar, aperitif, buffet, and all that is sought after by guests can be found in Ibiza or South Florida. Palm Beach, Ft Lauderdale, or also to the Chelsea Piers during the month of September.


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Travel by cruise ship to Panama Canal

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Suez Canal Time Lapse

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The Best Place To Rent A Boat And Store

Boat hire and boat storage is the perfect solution to the challenge of protecting and storing your boat sail after the season. This is part of the free storage space rental company for storage of home, business, and vehicle. This is the desired facilities, safe and a focus on the customer to maintain and access your personal and business property value. It acts as an extension of the House to store all sorts of important things that do not fit in the House. This serves as a place to wait for things that are rarely used.

Own storage unit is also available for storing household goods. They offer a wide selection of packaging materials, boxes, locks and other storage and transfer equipment. Furniture storage facilities provide the space to store unwanted furniture, additional or occasional use.

store the boat is an important decision before purchasing. The time, effort and money involved in maintaining the boat, recreational asset value, very high. The lack of space inside or outside to accommodate the boat is the main reason for selecting a storage boat.


The installation is ideal for long or short term storage. The location offers easy access and access by car. The outside of the lid closed and very large protected from damage to the boat. The equipment is very secure with 24-hour video recording, electronic access, and bright environment. The ability to pick up boats at any time are additional features. Lease options and lease a flexible monthly will solve storage needs. People could choose a storage area for boats with controlled temperatures during the winter.

The use of a car, motorcycle or recreational vehicle that is occasionally used in the storage area has the same advantages. Parking vehicles in RV storage place are without problems. The car storage found the entrance of the House to the other cars.


The greatest benefit is to get a garage or House a valuable way for other important stuff. Store the boat in a clean unit, well ventilated and secure guarantees the safety and cleanliness of the boat. Storage facilities offer different size units that can accommodate all types of boats. Store your boat in gives you access to improvements throughout the year.

Boat storage offers a selection of cost-effective and safe when there is no place to store them at home. Provides protection against bad weather, damage or theft.

The unit is specifically designed for vehicle offers additional protection against weather and rust. The open unit includes vehicle and vessel. Care and washing facilities are available, as well as transportation service to and from the place of storage. All of these services have an additional cost. Store the boat in a canal close to avoid transport costs.


Own consumption the purchase of insurance is necessary to ensure these items against breakage, damage or loss. Buying insurance from the storage facility or from external storage insurance providers is an advantage.

Storage vessels eliminate pressure has a boat. This allows you to enjoy the recreational use of boats without the need to store it. It also protects the expensive vehicle and keeps it in good condition to use it when necessary. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable and experienced makes storage easy and comfortable.

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Time Lapse Panama canal

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Welcome To The Port Of Amsterdam

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Port of Amsterdam

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